Security risks for faster electronic voting

There have been calls for online electronic voting to fast track elections but security concerns remain and if we rush to put online electronic voting in place we may do our democracy unexpected harm along the way. Today in The Australian the issues surrounding electronic voting are considered.  

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Labor sets aside NBN myths

Labor's plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been released and the outcome is discussed in The Australian. In what can only be described as a pragmatic and sensible approach Labor will tackle the NBN with the goal of shifting back to full fibre as soon as possible, and for two million Australian premises this will be as soon as the FTTN rollout can be stopped and the FTTP rollout resumed.

Labor's NBN silence

As the wait for Labor's NBN plan continues it is timely to discuss how Labor might benefit by taking a realistic approach to broadband policy and in The Australian the discussion centres on why Labor should not try to turn back the clock to 2013 because renegotiating existing contracts would inevitably lead to further delays and cost blowouts.

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The NBN middle ground

The FTTdp option is discussed in The Australian to provide a description of how FTTdp can be deployed using several different scenarios, one of which is already being deployed in Europe and a much smaller and less ambitious rollout is being planned by NBN Co. A high density FTTdp rollout is possibly a middle ground approach between FTTP and FTTN, but this scenario is yet to be adopted. 

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Slipping to the wrong side of the broadband ledger

The growth in FTTP being rolled out around the world has grown rapidly and in The Australian the reality facing Australia is discussed that shows Australia heading in the wrong direction as less fibre and more copper is being used for the National Broadband Network.

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